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From Love to Hate and Vice Versa

BlogHopButton[1]Once upon a time I loved to eat pasta. I ate it all the time. It was a cheap food for a young woman who was in college and paying for it herself. Also, during the late eighties pasta was touted as being fat free and healthy. I’d eat mine tossed in Italian dressing and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. I was little back then, but I never did achieve six pack abs, despite thousands of sit-ups and daily work outs. Hmm, I wonder why? I kind of hate pasta now – I rarely eat it.  And when I do, I feel terribly bloated. Continue reading From Love to Hate and Vice Versa

An Update from the Road, Days 23-32

It’s been two weeks since I posted a road trip update and I have no excuse for the delay.  I’ve just had trouble getting motivated!  I can’t blame a lack of time either, because we’ve been home for a week.  When I last checked in here (I’ve been posting rather consistently at Road Warrior Momma) we were having the time of our lives in Bar Harbor.  I miss it, but I have more places to tell you about.

After Bar Harbor, we drove north to Canada.  Moncton, New Brunswick was our home base for our Canadian exploration.  Driving through New Brunswick was pleasant.  The countryside is beautiful, although somewhat desolate.  Moncton is nice, much smaller than I had imagined.  We stayed on the outskirts of the city, about five miles from downtown.  On our first night we had a late dinner because we were very confused about what time it was (long story that you can read about here).  We were also a bit surprised by the significant surcharge that was added to our check by the Canadian government.  After inquiring, our server told us, “We have lots of things to pay for in Canada.”  Okay.

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Wisdom Gathered Along the Road


We’re leaving for our road trip in just over a week.  I’m getting butterflies in my stomach – excited and nervous.  As I mentioned in my post about the rewards and benefits of being road warriors, I’m in the process of finalizing our plans, rather late for me.  I’ve been so busy.  I’m also feeling a touch of anxiety, because I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep up my blogging schedule.  The road trip is all about family time and that’ll be my priority.

My original blog is Road Warrior Momma, which comes back to life every summer so my family and friends can follow us.  You are welcome to check that blog during June, but be warned that it is a daily recap, and may be a bit mundane for those of you not intimately familiar with our brood.  I’ll also be featuring highlights here, on The Latchkey Mom, probably twice a week – along with my usual posts (but not as often).  Continue reading Wisdom Gathered Along the Road

Summer Road Trip Wrap-up – Finally

RTLogo2013-1It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of September and I haven’t even started on my Summer Road Trip scrapbook.  Usually it’s completed within weeks of our return home.  At the beginning of August a friend contacted me to ask why I hadn’t posted a “wrap-up” of the road trip, like I usually did.  Sadly, it hadn’t even occurred to me to do one.  It was a very tough summer and I was in no hurry to revisit it.  I can say with the benefit of hindsight that my broken heart wasn’t up to travel this summer, especially travel that requires a great deal of physical energy, mental acuity and the excitement to experience and do new things.  I was lacking all three, as my son would say – “Epic Fail.”

If it hadn’t been for the fact we were scheduled to meet my cousins in the Grand Canyon (a trip that had been a year in the making), I would have scrapped the whole thing.  At the end of each day, writing the daily Road Warrior Momma blog was a chore.  I can see that now, after reading each and every post again, in preparing to write this.  The entries are badly written, with so many mistakes!  I’m embarrassed that I posted those entries.  I apologize.  I’ve tried to clean them up as best I could, but I’m warning you in advance in case you click on any of them.  I also neglected to even write about our last stop in Indianapolis!  I threw up a post on RWM today with photos, for those of you who are interested.   The other thing I noticed was that I didn’t take many pictures, probably only half of what I usually do.  You won’t see many of me either, because the sadness in my eyes was palpable, even in pictures. Continue reading Summer Road Trip Wrap-up – Finally