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Books of My Life: Barbara Claypole White

barbara-claypole-white-credit-2016-km-photographyFor this week’s Books of My Life, I’m featuring author Barbara Claypole White. I confess I wasn’t very familiar with her books, but after doing research for this post, I’m very intrigue – and ordered a copy of her latest novel. Barbara’s personal backstory, about how she became a published author, is very interesting. Aspiring writer’s, you must read it! Also, Barbara has won a number of prestigious awards for her writing. I feel a kinship with this author, because she has a son with special (invisible) needs, who has served as a muse for many of her stories. Continue reading Books of My Life: Barbara Claypole White

Books of My Life: Stephanie Sprenger

headshot2I’m so excited today to be featuring my friend and editor at The HerStories Project, Stephanie Sprenger, for a Books of My Life post. After years of reading posts on her blog, Mommy, For Real, and exchanging comments and emails, this summer I finally got to meet Stephanie while I was in Denver on our family road trip. We had a couple of cocktails and talked about life, writing, and of course books! Stephanie is funny, thoughtful, intelligent, dedicated, hardworking, and gorgeous. I wish we lived closer. Continue reading Books of My Life: Stephanie Sprenger

The Books of My Life: Alyson Richman

AlysonRichman_authorphotoHappy Publication Day to Alyson Richman, author of the fantastic historical fiction novel, The Velvet Hours. I’m super excited to feature Alyson today for The Books of My Life series. When Alyson’s publicist sent me the press release for this novel, I confess I was a little nervous about the comparisons to Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale (because that book destroyed me). My worries were a waste of time, because I truly enjoyed this book and didn’t end up hyperventilating – although I did shed a few tears. This is the tale of two women, a 19th century courtesan, Marthe, and her granddaughter, Solange. The book primarily takes place in pre-WWII Europe, but Marthe’s backstory is also woven into the story. Continue reading The Books of My Life: Alyson Richman

The Books of My Life: Emily Liebert

unnamed (1)Today I’m very excited to feature author Emily Liebert on the blog, sharing the books of her life. I’m a huge fan of Emily’s, having read all of her books. We’ve even shared a few exchanges on BooksReads, and she’s graciously sent me signed book plates over the years. I’m glad that I hadn’t read her bio before reaching out to her, because I would have been very intimidated. She’s had all of my dream jobs – a producer at ABC News (working with the late great Peter Jennings), an editor and chief of a life style magazine, a successful freelance magazine writer, and of course, published author. Oh, and in her free time she also teachers Pure Barre classes. Yikes – I dropped out of Pure Barre after two weeks. Those classes are super tough. Continue reading The Books of My Life: Emily Liebert