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Halloween Over the Years

I don’t have ONE particular Halloween that sticks out.  As a kid we had fun trick-or-treating, but I don’t remember it being the “event” that it is today.  And my parents certainly never thought the holiday was a big deal.  I have precious few photographs of me on Halloween from when I was a child.

High school – I have not one Halloween memory. In college, it was an excuse to get drunk cheap.  As for my early twenties, I got nothing.  When I was waiting tables in graduate school, it was a very profitable evening.  When I entered the corporate world, I got my ass home early so I didn’t get stuck in nightmare traffic

Then I had children…


 Halloween 2001

It was exciting to live in our first home and give out candy. My little guys were not quite one, so we didn’t take them out – but they did wear little pumpkin onesies. Continue reading Halloween Over the Years