Ten Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Welcome to my first “Link-Up.”  Today I am participating in Mama Kat’s Writer Workshop, Things That Make Me Happy (don’t you just love my original title?).

1)  Tulips.  I love tulips, they’re my favorite flower.  And I really love them when I successfully grow them in my garden.


2) Bear getting his moment to shine.  This week, there are a lot of exciting things happening for my son Barrett, and I think he knows it.  On Saturday a reporter from 11 Alive News came to interview Barrett – and me.  He did great.

Bear TV

3) Generosity.  As I’ve previously written about, California Pizza Kitchen has been very generous to Barrett’s school.  His amazing teacher has planned a garden for Barrett’s class to take care of as part of their therapy and occupational skills.  This past weekend, we plowed and tilled the land, to get it ready for planting on Earth Day!

LMS Garden

The garden-to-be

4) My daughter’s good grades.  Once again, Audrey had an awesome report card and we’re so proud of how hard she works.  Mom and dad took her out for a special dinner – and as you can see from the picture, she loves her mommy-daddy alone time.


5)  Hunter’s tenacity.  Hunter tried out for the tack team this spring, but didn’t make it.  He was asked to be the team manager and he happily agreed, but he worked so hard at the practices that the team’s coaches reconsidered the original decision.  He’s been running in the 800 meter and he’s improved his time in each race.


6) Road trips.  Five weeks until we take off again.  Yay!  I’ll be announcing our destination cities in the next few weeks.


7) Warmer Weather.   It was a long winter, and we were still wearing coats as recently as last week!  But the sun is back and the temperatures are rising.

IMG_20140411_172314_279 (3)

8)  My husband.  Ah…corny answer after fourteen years of marriage, I know, but he does make me happy.  I want to elaborate more, but he would not appreciate it (and I’m sneaking this post by him, because he’s out of town).

9)  Mad Men.  Oh, yes.  My heart races before each and every episode, and now all my former The Good Wife giddiness (I’m still not over what they did to me) has been re-channeled in Mad Men.

10)  Blogging.  Lately I feel like I’ve found my voice – and I’m also building readership and networking with fellow bloggers.  I’m so grateful for all the support, help and advice I’ve received in the last few weeks.  I’m eager to see what’s to come!

And of course, this face♥!


Thank you to Mama Kat for the inspiration!


What makes you happy?


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