Things To Be Excited About – April 2013

Only four more weeks of school!  I’m tired, kids are tired, we’re all ready to be[1]

Rich and I are heading west – Seattle – to see the Chamblins.  Emerald City – look out!

Wedding fever!  We have friends getting married next month and all the pretty invitations to their various wedding festivities have made me giddy with excitement – and a bit nostalgic.   I remember all the aticipation I felt leading up to my wedding, so I’ve been having many flashbacks.  I can’t believe how much time has passed.   It’s been so long since we’ve been involved in (Rich is in the wedding), or even attended a big wedding.  When I was in my twenties, it seemed like I had a wedding every month – I was a bridesmaid 12 times!  There’s been a drought in the last decade though, which makes this all the more fun.  So excited!

Books that are about to be published, that I’m excited to read:

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Going to the Ice Capades, or rather Disney on Ice, with my girl in two weeks.

Just found out the Patriots are coming to Atlanta – September 29th and we’re taking the kids to their first NFL game!

Road Trip!!!  The planning is almost complete.  All the hotels are booked and friends and family have been warned.  I just need to plan our excursions and pray that gas prices keep dropping!

Season Finale of The Good Wife – What is Alicia going to do?!?!?!?  I’m so torn!

The month of May is wicked busy – heart palpitations busy – but I’m excited to see all the dance recitals, band concerts, field days, awards ceremonies, and the “graduations” of Bear (5th) & Cammy (preK).  We are blessed.

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