This Makes Me Sad


My youngest, my baby (who’s five), fell on the stairs yesterday.  It was awful.  When I saw all the blood on him, his pjs and the toy cars he was holding (which didn’t let go of before, during or after), I screamed.  Not cool.  Rookie mistake.  I scared the bejesus out of him.  I wasn’t the only one who was scared.  Daddy actually made the trip to urgent care with me, because it did not look good.     

CHOA, at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning in February, was packed.  We had to wait, as I held a blood soaked towel to my baby’s lip.  In triage I heard:  “Is there a hole?”  “Can you see through?”  “Maybe he needs to go downtown.”  Dang.

Fortunately, after cleaning the lip and chin, they opted for stiches.  He received numbing cream, a pharmaceutical “cocktail” and a tetanus shot (which had me on the edge), producing some whimpering from both mother and son, that I hope to never hear again.  After two stitches on the outside and two on the inside, we went home with one chillaxed boy, who I was hoping wouldn’t remember a thing.

Two hours later, the rascal had chewed though his inside stiches, so back to urgent care I went.  Momma was not happy.  Fortunately, they had mercy on me and swept me right to the back, all the while the hordes in the waiting room stared daggers into my back.  Poor Cam had to get two more stiches, this time with just the numbing cream, but my boy is brave.  Braver than me.  I couldn’t even watch, I just cried into his back as they performed the procedure.

It was a rough day.  Although it wasn’t my first emergency trip or my first experience with stiches and my children, it’s always an excruciating experience.  My heart can barely take it.  I have three boys, so I’m often told it’s a rite of passage.  It’s one I could do without.  Me and blood have never been a good mix.  I’m better with vomit, mucus and diapers (don’t ask me why).

What about you?  Any trips to the ER?  What can you NOT handle when it comes to your children?

6 thoughts on “This Makes Me Sad”

  1. Poor little baby. :( The one thing I cannot handle with my kids is watching them go under anesthesia. My son has gone under several times (tubes in ears, adenoids removed, appendectomy) and it is absolutely the worst to fear that they will never come out of it. Never ever want to go through that again!

  2. When Mandy was 11 months old she got her right index finger crushed. It was the same day as the Mint 500 motorcycle races in Las Vegas. The ER was full, aside from the regular pains, falls, breaks, cuts and gunshot wounds, with motorcyclists with road burns (to the bone!) and ugly gashes from numerous racing accidents. I knew I had to hold this screaming infant with what looked like a tiny injury and try to ask politely every 15 or 20 minutes when our turn would come. It wasn’t soon. It was agony for both of us. All I could do was hug her and keep my noise level to a whimper . . . for hours. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and bleeding. Poor Cam. I can see him clutching his cars on the way down thus being unable to brace his fall. Boys! I hope he’s feeling better. I know he’s feeling loved.

    1. That poor little baby, now that really makes me sad. I know that still haunts her to this day. I wonder if the long wait affected how her finger healed. I think I would have flipped out and pulled a Shirley Maclaine.

        1. He’s fine. Such a Trooper. Little worried about a scar, though. He has a nickname to live up too! (His tecahers at school call him Mini-Brad Pitt.) I bought some Mederma.

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