What’s on your….?

In the last few months, I’ve immersed myself in the blogosphere as a means to learn how to be a better writer and blogger, to be inspired and to “meet” fellow bloggers.  There are so many wonderful blogs out there.  I often find myself lost in other people’s worlds and literally have to walk away from my desktop, in order to get any writing done!  (Writing tip – don’t bookmark favorite sites on your laptop, so that it’s extra work to find your favorite sites.)

Recently one of the blogs I follow, A Design So Vast, featured a meme about capturing right now (and referenced another blog, Ali Edwards, as the source of inspiration).  Check out both blogs, they’re wonderful.  I loved reading each writer’s answers, as well as the comments from their followers.  I wanted to feature the same meme on my blog.  This exercise reminded me of the spiral notebooks that were passed around in middle school.  On the first page, you’d pick a number and write your name, and then on each of pages that followed, there’d be a question for you to answer, by your designated number (favorite subject, favorite color, favorite song).  Do you remember those?

Without further ado, here’s what’s on my…   

Vanity – I don’t have the traditional vanity (but my mother did – why don’t I?), so I’m going to use my bathroom vanity.   I have my perfume bottles, my moisturizer and my facial scrub.  I have a vibrant purple glass vase and a framed photograph of me (and Rich) on my 33rd birthday (the day after I’d finished the 60 mile breast cancer  walk, and I have to say, I looked great!).  A ceramic seahorse that Audrey made, a vanilla scented candle and a ceramic box with a peace sign (also made by Audrey), which holds my frequently worn earrings.

Perennial to-do list – Laundry.  My in-boxes – both email & the ridiculously large stack of paper on my desk.  To organize fill in the blank!

Refrigerator Shelves – 2% milk, green juice, vanilla creamer, eggs, strawberries, mushrooms, yogurt, ketchup, too many marinades, condiments and dressings – I need to clean & toss.

Itinerary – May: 2 band concerts, 3 dance recitals, 2 graduations, 4 field days, 2 honors days, too many (children’s) birthday parties, 1 wedding (in Kentucky). Summer Road Trip:  Michigan, PA, Rehoboth Beach, various towns on the Hudson, Boston, Cape Code, Baltimore, Dallas, Austin, New Mexico, Phoenix, Grand Canyon…

Fantasy Itinerary – Hawaii.  Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples,

Playlist – Working out:  Kid Rock, Maroon 5, Pink, Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson.  Chilling  Hour:  Kenny Chesney, Old Annie Lenox, Jimmy Buffet.  In the car: audio books.

Nightstand – A stack of magazines, lots of books, clock, water bottle.

Workout Plan – 3 runs a week on the basement treadmill.  Once a week, a long walk on the green way.  Sometimes a hike up Sawnee Mountain with Rich.  2-3 workouts with weights.  Forever promising to take my friend up on a free CrossFit class, but I’m scared.

iPhone – I don’t have an iPhone!  My husband (Microsoft/IBM guy) is philosophically against it!  Droid.  Very few apps, though.  Instagram, Facebook, Word Search, Goodreads.

Top 5 List – A good book; the first cup of coffee of the day; travel anticipation; family movie night; toes in the sand, drink in the hand, while watching a Naples sunset.

Bucket List – Get a book published.  Travel cross country by train.  Cruise on the QE 2.  Gondola on the Grand Canal.  Eifel tower.  Be a cool grandmother.

Mind – How am I going to get everything done, that I have to do, in the next four weeks?  Why is time going by so fast?  How can I love my house, our schools and friends, but really have the itch to move again – OUT WEST!?  What is Barrett thinking?

BlogrollChick Lit CentralChick Lit is Not DeadIvy League InsecuritiesA Design So Vast. JaneBlogJennsylvaniaNina Badzin.  Randy Susan Meyers.   811

Walls of your Favorite Room in Your House – Tough, but I think it’s the wall in the family room that houses the huge bookshelf we had built a few years back.  It a lovely grayish-green color and jammed full with books, pictures, and knick knacks.  The cabinets are full of photo albums and board games.  It’s me and my life.

Liquor Shelf – Sauvignon Blanc (Rich), Chardonnay (me), Spanish Alberino, Champagne, Vodka, Captain Morgan, Bourbon (many kinds-Rich).

Last Credit Card Statement – Lots of things.  Publix, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Marriott, Gas.

Screensaver – Picture of a field of tulips.

TV Every Night – If I’m home at 6:30, the nightly news.  I can’t remember the last time I watched primetime TV live.  But on my DVR:  Dancing With the Stars, Dallas, Mad Men, Revenge, The Good Wife, Parenthood, Vegas, Blue Bloods, Modern Family, Nashville, Parenthood.

What’s on your …?  If you don’t want to do them all, pick one to tell me about.  Seriously, curious minds want to know.



9 thoughts on “What’s on your….?”

  1. Oh, I love reading this! Thank you for sharing these details – I am a firm believer that we can glimpse so much of the whole through the tiny details. And that wall of shelves is just divine! xox

  2. Vanity: Hair spray, deodorant, perfume, face creams, jewelry box, Clarisonic that I never put away, electric toothbrush, vanity mirror.
    Perennial to-do: telling kids to clean their rooms, laundry, organize piles on my desk
    Refrigerator shelves: milk, oj, cranberry juice, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, hummus, pudding, salad, tomatoes, cheese, lunch meat, avocadoes, dressings, marinades, constant leftovers.
    Itinerary: Have been to Napa, Whistler, Hawaii and Cabo within the past 7 months so itinerary is pretty empty this summer. Hoping to visit a friend in CA and make it to Atlanta this summer.
    Fantasy Itinerary: Italy, Greece, Ireland, France
    Playlist: Just about everything….too many to list
    Nightstand: Books, glasses, phone and water at night
    Workout plan: Walk 2-3 times per week, resume tennis and racquet ball with husband
    iPhone: Much to Rich’s chagrin, yes, all things Apple in this house….ipads, ipad mini, mac and 4 iphones. Ridiculous.
    Top 5 List: First coffee in the morning, a great book, feeling happy for an entire day, time with family and and a great glass of wine
    Bucket List: Travel Europe, Alaskan Cruise, see my kids marry and have kids of their own
    Liquor Shelf: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Merlot and beer in the fridge for Alex, of course. :)
    Screensaver: Seattle skyline
    TV Every night: celebrity news magazines, nightly news, CNN, Nashville (you forgot that one on your list, A), Smash, Parenthood, Downton Abbey, Modern Family, SNL, Grey’s Anatomy, The Voice, RHOBH (so wrong but can’t help it), AFV with kids.

    That was fun….. :) xo

  3. Vanity – simple silver tray holding perfume bottles and Estee Lauder body tint, three framed vintage postcards depicting vacation spots on the Riviera (circa 1960!) that we picked up at a street market in Nice, toothbrush.
    Perennial To-Do List – Get in shape, get organized, delete old emails.
    Fridge –organic milk, cage-free eggs, ground beef, yogurt, coffee, many cheeses, hummus, chia seeds, Hershey’s chocolate sauce, condiments, tea, Pedialyte, Moet & Chandon champagne that is WAY past its prime, blueberries, cantaloupe, bananas, an orange, carrots, shallots and greens, greens, greens.
    Itinerary – Muffins with Mom and End of School picnic, trips to Atlantic Beach and Rosemary Beach with dear friends, celebrating Natassja’s 21st birthday and a Disney Cruise for Tristan’s 4th.
    Fantasy Itinerary – France (all of it), Switzerland, Austria, hike Hadrian’s Wall through Ireland, London, Germany, Buenos Aires, Barcelona.
    Playlist – Pandora! Everything but Bubblegum and New Age.
    Nightstand – books, lamp, journal, pen, Dream book containing photos a list of 30 things I want to be, do and have.
    Workout plan – Weekly practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga 2x, pilates and cardio 3x, run or cycle 3x (not so dedicated on that last one!)
    Iphone – MyFitnessPal, Facebook, Yoga, BBC News, France 24, NPR, Deutsche Welle, iTunes U, GoToMeeting, Pandora, CarTalk, Super 8,Sky FM, Netflix, several train building apps, PBS Kids.
    Top 5 – My children! Time with my husband, my dog, an entire day on the beach, traveling with my family.
    Bucket – Live in the South of France for a year, live on the beach thereafter.
    Mind – How can I improve? Who does God want me to serve today? Will I have enough time to complete the most important items on my to do list today! Or will I enjoy an interactive blog post and not worry about it?
    Wall – My mantle with its large white ceramic candleholder topped by a dark candle, white Jonathan Adler giraffe, 1939 French “rentree des classes” poster (a very special birthday gift from Scott)and small orange metal bird.
    Liquor Shelf – Red wine, mainly blends from California,Chile and Argentina – Savant, Meritage, Malbec. A 1995 Cotes du Rhone that we must drink soon! Baileys.
    Screensaver – Pink and black cityscape.
    TV is rare for me – France 24 and Deutsche Welle for news, Mad Men, Top Gear (British version for the humor!) various HGTV programs, Euromaxx, old movies.
    And being a cool grandmother is a noble goal…I’m adding that to my list.

  4. I love this idea and love getting to know you better in this way. And THANK YOU for naming me in your blog roll. That is such an honor.

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