Road Trip Update # 3: Days 21-23


We spent three days in Yellowstone National Park. I took so many pictures that I had to share them in one post. Looking back over my trip journals, I discovered that I didn’t write much at the end of each day while we were in Yellowstone. I was wiped out. The hiking, heat, altitude, and the miles and miles we drove got to me. Mostly, I made notes on my personal observations about our family. Continue reading

July Book Posts


A little late, given that it’s August 1st, but I did have some reading and review posts featured this month at Chick Lit Plus:

July’s New Releases:

Best Supporting Role by Sue Margolis – July 1, 2015. You can always count on this British author for a good laugh! Sarah Green has had a tough life, being married to a gambling addict. Things get even worse when he dies, leaving her alone with two children – and penniless. But she manages to start over by getting a steady job and a boyfriend who’s an account. After her aunt dies and leaves her a lingerie company, Sarah begins to question the prudent choices she’s made. When a handsome actor/contractor catches her eye, she wonders if she should unleash the shackles of her safe life and take some chances – like perhaps competing in a lingerie competition. Continue reading

Road Trip Update Number 2: Days, 13- 20


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Greetings from the road, where we’ve been very busy. Can I just say, we live in the most amazing country on Earth? I hope I live long enough to see it all. As I think about all that we’ve done, and try to summarize it, I have to take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings that have enabled me to take these journeys. I’m grateful for my husband who indulges me, friends who’ve helped in my planning, friends who’ve put us up in our travels, and by letting me stay with them, and my kids for being my traveling companions. It’s probably hardest on them, but I hope they understand the benefits. Continue reading

Book Review: The Idea of Love

9781250040329_p0_v1_s260x420[1]By Patti Callahan Henry

A book review by Allie Smith

Ella Flynn has enough problems, but after an encounter the writer Hunter Alderman, her life gets even messier. Hunter’s a screenwriter who has produced a few high profile flops. He’s desperately looking for an idea to save his reputation and career. While traveling through southern coastal towns, Hunter’s been “interviewing” women in the hopes that someone will share a love story that’ll finally spark a creative impulse. Hunter spots the beautiful Ella at an outdoor café and approaches her under false pretenses – claiming he’s a writer working on a book about the history of small southern towns. Continue reading