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Books of My Life: Patti Callahan Henry

patti-callahan-henry-author-624x610I’m super excited that today I get to share with you my review of Patti Callahan Henry’s latest novel, The Bookshop at Water’s End, as well as the Books of Her Life. Patti is a New York Times Bestselling Author! As most of my readers and all of my friends know, I adore Patti and have read (and loved) all of her books. It’s only fair that I also disclose that we’re friends. We met (ahem) years ago in a local writers group, when I had just two babies and she had three young children. I now have three teens, and a pre-teen and she has two in college and one gorgeous daughter who has flown the coop – all the way. As in graduated, living on her own and running her own business, and engaged.

My goodness, time flies.

So even though I’m extremely biased, I promise this is an incredible read, and one of my favorite PCH books. Continue reading Books of My Life: Patti Callahan Henry

Books of My Life: Mary Alice Monroe

monroe-home-portraitI haven’t been doing a lot of writing this summer – and perhaps soon, there will be a blog addressing that. But I have been doing a lot of reading, and it’s been wonderful. One of my favorite books this summer, is by an author I’d not had the pleasure of reading before. Mary Alice Monroe is a NYT Bestselling Author who writes environmental fiction, usually based in South Carolina. She’s a passionate conservationist for her home state (SC) and her books feature subplots concerning the ever-changing habitat of the South Carolina coast. I learned a lot about sea turtles and migrating sea birds while reading her latest book, Beach House for Rent. Continue reading Books of My Life: Mary Alice Monroe

The Beach House Cookbook (and a Giveaway!)

31451098You guys know how much I love a Mary Kay Andrews novel! I’ve read them all. She’s a fantastic storyteller and loves to write about woman’s friendships. She also likes to throw in a mystery, some antiquing and heroines who love to eat. In the past she’s occasionally included recipes in her books. Well guess what? Mary Kay Andrews wrote a cookbook. Yes she did, and it’s fabulous. I was lucky enough to get an early copy and made her black bean and corn salsa, which will be a staple for my family this this summer. Continue reading The Beach House Cookbook (and a Giveaway!)