Book Review: The Idea of Love

9781250040329_p0_v1_s260x420[1]By Patti Callahan Henry

A book review by Allie Smith

Ella Flynn has enough problems, but after an encounter the writer Hunter Alderman, her life gets even messier. Hunter’s a screenwriter who has produced a few high profile flops. He’s desperately looking for an idea to save his reputation and career. While traveling through southern coastal towns, Hunter’s been “interviewing” women in the hopes that someone will share a love story that’ll finally spark a creative impulse. Hunter spots the beautiful Ella at an outdoor café and approaches her under false pretenses – claiming he’s a writer working on a book about the history of small southern towns. Continue reading Book Review: The Idea of Love

An Interview with Patti Callahan Henry

Many years ago, I was a member of the Georgia chapter of Romance Writers of America. At the first meeting  I attended, I met Patti Callahan Henry. She was so kind and welcoming to me – she took me under her wing (I was scared to death). We really hit it off and became friends. I remember seeing her the day after we got our autism diagnosis. The only reason I went to the GRW meeting was because I was scheduled to have the first chapter of my manuscript read by a published author. I saw Patti and she just knew something terrible had happened and took me into her arms for a big hug. I will never forget her kindness that day.

Aside from being a wonderful human being, she’s also a fabulous writer, and I’ve enjoyed every one of her novels. When one of her team reached out and asked if I wanted to do an interview and review her book, I jumped at the chance. Her latest novel, The Idea of Love will be launched tomorrow and you can came back here to read my review. But today, I have my interview with Patti. Patti-Web-624x807[1]

Hi, Allie! It’s so great to be with you again! Thanks for talking about The Idea of Love with me. Continue reading An Interview with Patti Callahan Henry

RWM Update from the Road: Days 1-11

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So far, rain has been the star or our road trip adventure. It rained in Louisville, it rained in Columbus, it rained in Pittsburgh, it rained in Toledo, and it has rained every single day while we’ve been in Detroit. Every day. Although to be fair, we did get the gift of a sunny day when we drove to the west coast of Michigan. It was cold and rainy in Detroit, but after a three hour trip, we found ourselves on a sunny beach, with the temperature at a toasty 86 degrees. Unfortunately, it looks as if our warm respite will be an anomaly. I dared to look at, and the next few days heading west do not look promising. Ugh. Continue reading RWM Update from the Road: Days 1-11

Before You Hit the Road This Summer

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A part of me wonders if perhaps I should’ve been a travel agent. For me, planning a trip is as much fun as actually going on a trip. It’s one of the few areas in my life where I am completely organized. My meticulous planning is based, at least in part, on nervousness. Since I’m often traveling on my own with four kids, I gain a sense of security knowing that all has been planned out ahead of time. Continue reading Before You Hit the Road This Summer