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A Currently Post for April


Happy Spring!

As I’m sure many of you know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Shame on me, as it is April 12th and I have not shared a single blog post this month! The new job has been a bit of a time suck, and then we had spring break (more on that below). Slowly I’m getting back into the game and will have quite a few posts in the next couple of weeks. Please be patient with me if you get more email update notices than usual, it’s just an April phenomenon – I promise.

I have three Autism Angel posts coming up, as well as a new essay I wrote about autism. I submitted it to a bigger site, since it’s Autism Awareness Month – fingers crossed that it gets accepted. If not, I’ll post it here. In the meantime, here’s a list of the more popular posts I’ve written about autism over the last three years: Continue reading A Currently Post for April

Club Mid: Don’t You Forget About Me

MID-LOGO-small-copy[1]I’m super excited to announce that an essay I wrote about Hunter starting high school is up at Club Mid today. This is ironic, since my last post here was also about Hunter – and how the high school Hunter is driving my crazy! For the record, the Club Mid piece was written six weeks ago, before I began to experience life with the moody Freshman who now resides in my home. If you wouldn’t mind visiting Club Mid to read the piece, I woukld really appreciate it. I can’t respond to comments there – but I will read them. See you there (click here)!



Thank you!

A Stranger Among Us


“Henry is pretty close to the perfect child. Sorry, I think I wrote that last year, but he is. I will lend him out to anyone, at any time, to prove it – but you have to give him back. His teachers love him and he’s doing awesome in school.”

The above is a direct quote from my 2008 Christmas letter, about my sweet son. Sadly, the teacher love is the only part of that quote that would make the cut for this year’s letter. Apparently he’s still sweet and kind to his teachers. Henry is not his real name, because he’s now a teenager – I’m quite certain he’d be upset if he knew I wrote about him. The chances of him seeing this are slim. I know that he would never read the blog, nor would any of his friends, but I’m covering my bases. Continue reading A Stranger Among Us

A Currently Post that Includes Birthday Musings


I’m currently having a tough time getting back into blogging. This is probably because of my extended break over the summer (and my wish to still be sitting on the beach watching Florida sunsets!) and my own questions about blogging in general. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, in an effort to figure out where I want to go with The Latchkey Mom. I haven’t come to any conclusions. I’m not quitting, but I am trying to decide where I’m going. Does that make since? If it doesn’t – well then maybe you have a little glimpse into the turmoil I’m experiencing. I love writing, but I also have other wants and needs and I need to find a way for my blog to serve those wants and needs, rather than hinder them. I do have a couple of projects in the works and news to share – I promise. Just a few more days. Continue reading A Currently Post that Includes Birthday Musings