Halloween Over the Years

I don’t have ONE particular Halloween that sticks out.  As a kid we had fun trick-or-treating, but I don’t remember it being the “event” that it is today.  And my parents certainly never thought the holiday was a big deal.  I have precious few photographs of me on Halloween from when I was a child.

High school – I have not one Halloween memory. In college, it was an excuse to get drunk cheap.  As for my early twenties, I got nothing.  When I was waiting tables in graduate school, it was a very profitable evening.  When I entered the corporate world, I got my ass home early so I didn’t get stuck in nightmare traffic

Then I had children…


 Halloween 2001

It was exciting to live in our first home and give out candy. My little guys were not quite one, so we didn’t take them out – but they did wear little pumpkin onesies. Continue reading Halloween Over the Years

A Tiny Peek Inside My Autumn World


As I may have mentioned, ad nauseum, I love autumn.  There are many events I get excited about (football, leaves changing, boots and scarves, my wedding anniversary, Halloween, my birthday) during this stretch of the calendar.  One of my favorites is driving up to the north Georgia Mountains to visit Burt’s Pumpkin Farm.  That’s where we buy our pumpkins each year and of course, enjoy a hay ride.  As has become tradition, we go with some close family friends and try to make a day of it.  The kids are getting older, and I think some of them may be over the ritual – but tough.  My children are going until they no longer live at home!  Continue reading A Tiny Peek Inside My Autumn World

Barrett Tales – October 2014


It’s been a while since I shared a Bear Bear story, and I have a couple cute ones. Although Barrett is technically verbal, how and when he chooses to speak is always a mystery.  We don’t let his silence fool us – he understands what we say and he’s taking it all in.  Oh what I wouldn’t give to be inside his head for a day!

Discriminating Tastes

A few weeks ago Barrett said to his teacher Bobbi Jo, “I want water.” She got a cup and filled it with water from the sink (there’s a kitchen in his classroom).  He took a sip, but apparently didn’t like it, because he walked over to the sink and dumped it out.

Bobbi Jo said to him, “But I thought you were thirsty.   What do you want?”

Bear answered, “Water.”  Continue reading Barrett Tales – October 2014

Bloggy Boot Camp Breakdown

10462871_731410303567333_8896278600797809219_n[1]I must confess that after going to my first blogger conference a few weeks ago, I was feeling a bit discouraged. After I recapped the conference and the anxiety it caused, I received several gracious and supporting comments.  To say I was grateful is an understatement.  As I mentioned in that post, I was scheduled for the SITs Girl’s Bloggy Boot Camp, which I attended last Saturday. Continue reading Bloggy Boot Camp Breakdown