Reflections on December

Just like for most of you, for me December came and went in a blur.  I honestly don’t know what happened. Pffft – gone.  As is par for the course with most families I know, our month was filled with endless activities.  The boys’ birthday at the beginning of the month had us off and running from the start.  Adding to the madness were the annual holiday events that are scheduled around the kids’ extracurricular actives:  band concerts, dance recitals, class parties.  There are the Christmas traditions of buying our tree, decorating the house, trimming the tree, baking, tours of Christmas lights and holiday movies to watch.  There were the mom chores including the Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping, menu planning and party hosting.  Wow, I am exhausted just typing this.  But actually doing it?  That’s a good tired.

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CLP: January Books

January New Releases

January is the month of resolutions and new beginnings.  For me, it’s also a month of hibernation with bowl games, NFL playoff games, warm fires and of course, curling up with good books.  If you managed to get through your 2013 to-read pile, here are few books that will be debuting in January.

First Love by James Patterson – January 13, 2014.   Ah, first love.  Axi is a good girl who’s always followed the rules, until she impulsively embarks on a cross country road trip. Continue reading at Chick Lit Plus.


My Favorite Books of 2013


It’s no secret that I love my books.  This year I read (or listened to) 102 books!  Shocking, even for me.  In 2013, books were my entertainment, my escape, my therapy.   I read more nonfiction than I usually do and some darker fiction, which is a bit outside my comfort zone.  Suffice it to say, I had trouble believing in the “happily ever after.”  I’ve compiled my reading stats, because once a number cruncher, always a number cruncher. Continue reading My Favorite Books of 2013

Chick Lit Plus Book Review

How to Survive Your Sisters

by Ellie Campbell

A book review by Allie Smith


The MacLeod sisters are four very different individuals who share quite a history.  Avril, the oldest, is a dedicated career woman with little time or patience to fall in love and have a relationship.  Milly is the overwrought mother of four who is approaching a midlife breakdown.  Natalie is the Stepford wife wanna-be who has become an almost intolerable Bridezilla in her attempt to win over her future in-laws. Hazel, the baby of the family, is a vagabond, free-spirited woman-child who gets along with everyone but Natalie.  When she comes home for Natalie’s wedding with Matt, an old family friend, the sister’s lives veer drastically off-course.  Continue reading at Chick Lit Plus.