I Did Not See It Coming

The Good Wife

Spoiler Alert!

I was in such of state of shock after watching this week’s episode of The Good Wife, entitled “Dramatics, Your Honor.” Dramatic, indeed.  I was truly blown away.  I did not see it coming and I heard that phrase uttered over and over by other fans.  I’m a little embarrassed by how strongly I reacted because I was quite literally shaking and when the scenes for next week rolled, so did my tears.  I’m a grown woman, and I took this way too personal.  Continue reading I Did Not See It Coming

Clean Eating Challenge, Day 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Its day three and I’m so proud of my girls!  Everyone is rocking the clean challenge.  Though I must confess, I’m feeling like a slacker, an amateur.  I cannot cook like these women.  I’m very impressed by all their recipes, especially since many of them contain foods that seem intimidating to prepare (at least for me).  Quinoa, tofu, beans – yikes.  I think I want to skip all the work and just go to their houses to eat.   Amy went to a lot of effort and preparation.  I’m in awe.  Poor thing did have a mess to clean up – that alone would have me eating raw vegetables and grilling the next day.  Check out the good, the bad and the ugly below.  Also be sure to visit Amy’s blog, Hot Breakfast.  Amy is another multidimensional blogger, writing about such varied topics such as love & marriage, pop culture, fitness, food & drink, shopping, and travel.  Great stuff!  Continue reading Clean Eating Challenge, Day 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Clean Eating Challenge: Day Two

Allison’s (@ Go Dansker Mom) Day

Today my friend Allison wrote about her Day Two on the Clean Eating Challenge.  The poor thing had a rough day with a sick toddler.  I’m in awe that she stuck with it.  You can read all the charming details below, along with some great recipes.  Today I’m going to make the Mexican salad for my lunch, which looks yummy!  Be sure to check out Allison’s blog, where she writes about motherhood, “Martha Moments,” travel, books, health & fitness, cooking and more.  I love her blog.  She also just launched her own business helping bloggers reach their full potential.  You can read more about that on her business site, Allison Barrett CarterContinue reading Clean Eating Challenge: Day Two

Chcik Lit Plus Book Review

To Catch A Creeper

By Ellie Campbell

A Book Review by Allie Smith


To Catch a Creeper by Ellie Campbell is the sequel to Looking for La La.  Most of the crazy gang from the original story are back.  Cathy, after being applauded for the Looking For La La campaign, is now an account executive at a London advertising firm.  She’s trying to get her footing as a career woman, while also juggling the care of her family and household.   To add to her complications, continue reading at Chick Lit Plus.