A New Book, Twins, Running, and Autism

First, I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments about last week’s post on my returning to work. I really appreciate all of you! As I promised, I’m not going to stop writing and I’m working on a few Autism Awareness posts. I was going to feature my funny story about my husband today, but something else has taken priority.

As announced last fall,51BkwZZEnFL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_[1] one of my essays was chosen to be a part of a new book about multiples. Multiples Illuminated will be published on May 1st, and you can order a copy here. I’m really excited about this book, because it’s going to help new parents of twins, triplets, and more! I contributed a funny story about Barrett and Hunter and the time we tried to put them in separate bedrooms.


To help promote the book, I’ve written an essay about the boys and their mutual running careers. The timing couldn’t be better – since Barrett just scored a personal record in the 800 M on Wednesday, with a little help from his friends. He was really tired this race, I think because he really pushed himself hard. He stopped after his first lap and I panicked. Once he started running again, it looked like he wasn’t going to make it around the track another lap – but he did it. One of his teammates jumped on the track to run with him, and a few others ran with him on the in-field. It was amazing. His time was 3:35, which was more than a minute faster than the week before.

IMG955937 (3)

So how does a fifteen year old boy with autism, who has extremely limited communication skills, become a member of his middle school’s track team? I’m glad you asked, because that’s what my essay is all about over at Multiple Illuminated. I’d really appreciate it if you could pop on over there to read and comment.

Shamelessly, I am linking up with FTSF, because there is a line in my opening paragraph alluding to my once-upon-a-time future vision of my twins playing baseball together. Kind of works, no?

Todays’ FTSF prompt is: “If I could travel in time…” Hosts: Kristi of Fining Ninee and Michelle Grewe.

Click here to read the essay.  THANK YOU♥!

19 thoughts on “A New Book, Twins, Running, and Autism”

  1. I look forward to Friday’s and catching up with everyone. I’m glad you made it again. Congrats on your contribution to this book. I loved the picture you posted of Barrett on facebook. I giggled because you were a mess and someone else took it 😉

    1. I love catching up with everyone, too. And I LOVE your telephone post! And I was a mess – I was so scared he was going to quit, and I was crying because of those boys who ran with him.

  2. I am reading Multiples Illuminated now to review and have yet to read your essay, but now I am so skipping ahead to read for sure. Huge congrats and seriously you are amazing in so many ways, Allie!! :)

  3. I don’t have much experience with raising multiples, but I grew up with 8 sets of them in high school. Maybe it was something in the water, but I was attached to them in one way or another (class or sports). It’s awesome when they are working together.

  4. Of course I’m going to read your essay at Michelle’s place! I can’t wait to read that book. No multiples here.. yet anyway.. but it runs strongly in my family. Maybe Lindsay..

  5. Wow. The timing of this couldn’t be better. Kind of spooky actually. You see, I spent the day announcing at a Special Olympics swim meet. It was magical. I’m reminded again of how very special these kids are. So not really a stretch that you’d link this up with FTSF! Happy Easter, Allie to you and your wonderful family.

  6. Congratulations on everything! Your son finishing. The book. That’s all great news. Autism runs in my family (punny), so I’m very impressed he’s on the track team and finishing the runs. Just to throw out there because I’m full of useless facts and I’m desperate to make them useful, but I was in the military and had to run a lot. What really helped improve my speed was an exercise where you run with 3 or 4 other people, in line, at a slow pace, and then the guy in back passes everyone, and once he’s in front, the next guy goes. Do that for 15 minutes to a half hour every day, and huge increase in speed. Also, I drastically reduced my run time by swimming 20 lengths in a pool 3 times a week for 2 weeks. Freestyle up, breast stroke back. As for the book, if they are looking for reviewers, let me know. A lot of books send out pdf’s before the release date to get Amazon reviews, and I can blog about it. Amazon might be weird now but I forget the details about their reviewing policy between authors. Anyway, my email is untouchable.cant.touch.this@gmail.com

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