An Update from the Road, Days 13 – 22

I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through the trip.  It’s gone by so fast, yet it somehow feels like we’ve been on the road forever!

At my last update, we were in Amherst, MA – catching up on laundry, bills, writing and squeezing in some exploration of Berkshires.  After Amherst, we traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to check off another state capitol and visit my sister, Kendall.  The capitol building was pretty, but unremarkable in that it’s similar to many of the capitols we’ve already toured.  However, this one will always stay with me – my son Barrett managed to disturb a gubernatorial candidate’s press conference with his loud singing and clapping.  They were not happy with us!



In Providence we also got to see an old friend of mine from Georgia who moved up to Rhode Island four years ago.  Rose joined us as we explored the Brown University campus (where my mom went to college).  I also got to spend some fun time (albeit too short) catching up with my sister and her family.


The kids with Rose.


My mom’s dorm.



Me, Kendall, Audrey & Geneva

After Providence we descended on the Boston area.  I’ve taken the kids to Bean Town on two other trips, so we’ve pretty much covered all the popular sites of the city.  For this trip, I wanted to explore the north shore.  We visited Salem and saw the witch highlights, the House of the Seven Gables and Nathanial Hawthorne’s birthplace.  We missed going to Marblehead (traffic/timing) but did manage to make it out to Gloucester, which was pretty, but not much was happening there.


The Witch Museum.





The House of the Seven Gables.


The birth place of Nathaniel Hawthorne.


Cammy fell asleep on the drive to Gloucester.




The next day we picked up Daddy and took him to Lowell, so he could see where my mom grew up.  I also visited the Lowell Foundry Park, in my continuing quest to learn more about my grandfather’s foundry.  I did discover the location and we drove by, but the original foundry building is long gone.  An industrial park is there now.  The park ranger gave me a name (and number) of someone at the Lowell History Center who should be able to help me gather more information.  We visited my grandparent’s graves and then headed south to Quincy for the night.


The next day we traveled to Cape Cod for Father’s Day weekend.  I detailed our weekend in yesterday’s post for Mama Kat’s World’s Greatest Writing Workshop.  I don’t want to bore you with yet another version, but if you’re interested check it out.  We had so much fun!


After Cape Cod we had a brief stay in Portland, Maine, where we met up with some family friends, Ron and Mary.  Ron is the father of one of my close friends and it was a pleasure to be able to see him and his wife, even though our visit was very brief.  We had dinner downtown on the waterfront and I was upset with myself for not planning a longer stop in that charming city.

unnamed[1] (2)


The kids with Mary & Ron.

unnamed[1] (3)

Next was Bar Harbor, which I have to say was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.  I’m telling you, it’s an amazing place.   Bar Harbor has it all – a quaint town, good food, friendly people, the sea, the mountains and breathtaking vistas wherever you turn!  We did so much while we were there.  We explored Acadia National Park and reached the summit of Cadillac Mountain (by car).  I dipped my toes in the icy north Atlantic, at Sand Beach.  We took a boat tour and got to see rare wildlife and some jaw-dropping mansions.  Oh, we ate some fantastic meals and indulged in ice cream.  We also managed to squeeze in some pool time, miniature golf and a book store visit.



View from the top of Cadillac Mountain.


Us, at the summit.


R. and the kids on Sand Beach.


At Thunder Hole.


Egg Rock


One of the reasons why I put myself through this – moments life this.

If we went home now, I’d be happy and satisfied!  But we still have many miles and a few adventures left to experience!

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How is you summer going?  Please share, because I’m feeling out of touch with my friends – both in “real life” and in the blogosphere!  Fill me in on what you’ve been up to.

15 thoughts on “An Update from the Road, Days 13 – 22”

  1. So fun!! I grew up just a little bit away from Brown so it was fun to see those pictures! Brought back memories! And we took our first family trip to Maine last summer and just loved it. Such a gorgeous part of the world! So glad that you guys are having so much fun!! Safe travels!

    1. Thanks Stacey. So you must have lived right downtown? My sister lived closed to the campus for a while, post graduation. Love the area. As for Maine, I must go back. I had not been there since I was child. LOVE it!

  2. Hi Allie – sounds like you are having an amazing trip! We took the kids to Bar Harbor and Acadia a few years ago and absolutely loved it. In fact, my son asked me today when we were going back to Maine. It’s the Outer Banks for us this summer, though. Can you believe this was our first week of summer vacation? We’ve spent it being pretty lazy, especially in comparison to your family!

    1. Dana, the different school schedules are weird for my kids. We were in the Adirondacks a couple days ago and the kids are STILL in school. It has to be snow days. I must admit, I like getting a head start and visiting popular summer destinations when the locals are still in school, less congestion. But it is so disheartening to put my children on the bus that second Monday in August. It’s seems so unconventional to be in school before Labor Day (and too hot). I’ve never been to the Outer Banks, but mMy husband always went as a child. I need to add it to the list!

  3. Are you home today? I love that you do this trip with your kids each summer – what amazing adventures you have. They will remember these trips for years and years, I promise you. I’ve never been to Bar Harbor but it’s on my list of “really want to go places.” And the witch museum? COOOL. HAHA to Barrett interrupting the political thing – is it weird that that makes me happy?
    I can’t believe I got to meet you in person! You are delightful and awesome!!!

    1. I’m so happy that we got to meet, as well. Delightful and awesome right back at you! We’ve been home a few days (and have been buried in laundry), but we’re off again to Michigan on Monday. I’m putting together an email – about all the stuff we talked about. I also need some of your pictures, please, since I didn’t take any. I want to include them in my final road trip update, if that’s okay.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. When I first got back, I was done and had decided maybe next summer should be shorter, But then while writing my final update (to be posted Monday), I only remembered the good:). Have to start planning next summer’s!

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