Chick Lit Plus Book Review

How to Survive Your Sisters

by Ellie Campbell

A book review by Allie Smith


The MacLeod sisters are four very different individuals who share quite a history.  Avril, the oldest, is a dedicated career woman with little time or patience to fall in love and have a relationship.  Milly is the overwrought mother of four who is approaching a midlife breakdown.  Natalie is the Stepford wife wanna-be who has become an almost intolerable Bridezilla in her attempt to win over her future in-laws. Hazel, the baby of the family, is a vagabond, free-spirited woman-child who gets along with everyone but Natalie.  When she comes home for Natalie’s wedding with Matt, an old family friend, the sister’s lives veer drastically off-course.  Continue reading at Chick Lit Plus.



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