Father’s Day on the Cape

As has become tradition over the last couple of summers, Dad flies in to whatever city where the kids and I happen to be on our road trip.  This year I planned it so that he’d join us on Cape Cod, where I grew up.  I also know that it’s one of his favorite places.  This is an excerpt form my Road Warrior Momma blog, which chronicled our Father’s Day weekend celebration.

Day 17 – Day 19

June 13-15th, 2014

Quincy, MA – Dennis Port, MA

It was raining when we woke up this morning, which of course was a huge disappointment.  R. had some work to do in the morning, so our late departures look to be continuing.  We crossed the Bourne Bridge, to Cape Cod, at noon.  I’m telling you, once I cross that bridge, something happens to me and I completely relax (of course have a wingman may be a big part of it this year).  We were supposed to meet Leslie (family friend) for lunch, but our plans changed to dinner because her conference was rescheduled, so we were on our own.  We decided to explore the north shore a little, something we’d never done before.  It’s very quiet, compared to the south shore, but lovely.  We had a nice lunch overlooking a marsh in North Dennis.


After check-in, we took a very chilly walk on the beach.  It was drizzling and the temperature was in the mid-60s.  The family dared me to go into the ocean in those miserable conditions, for my first of the day.  I obliged and it was miserable.



Leslie drove over form Hyannis to join us for dinner at the Ebb Tide.  It was nice to catch up with her, but too brief.  Leslie has had terribly tough year and it was nice to see her smile and have some fun.  The kids surprised us with good behavior as well.



On Saturday, the weather hadn’t improved and we took a drive through Harwich, to show the kids where I lived and went to school as a child.  We ended up in Chatham and had lunch at the Squire – a well-known Cape Cod watering hole where I’ve wanted to throw back a cocktail for years.  It would have been one of my rites of passage, had my family stayed on the Cape for my teenage/college years – but we were there at 11:30 (in the morning), so I didn’t do it.  I still can’t believe I’m in my 40’s and have yet to imbibe at The Squire.


We took the kids to the Chatham bandstand, the Wayside inn and the Candy Manor to get penuche fudge!


By late afternoon the weather had cleared a little and we spent some time at the beach.  Then we ordered pizza for the kids, so Mom and Dad could indulge in a fancy dinner next door at the Ocean House.  It was fabulous!  After dinner we met the children on the courtyard lawn and listened to live music and threw around the football.  Fun.



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Father’s Day was magnificent.  We could not have ordered better weather.  Seventy-two degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky.  Perfect beach day.  For dinner we drove back over to Chatham, to a restaurant R. “remembered” passing the day before.  It turned out to be Pate’s, which was funny.  Pate’s has been there for decades – my dad knew the owner and hung out there.  Mr. Pate also had a few restaurants in Naples of all places, and my dad worked for him when we first moved to Florida, before he bought his restaurant.  I loved Pate’s in Naples, but it’s now closed, so this was perfect.  I felt like me dad was there with us.






We’ve had a wonderful time on the Cape and everyone wants to come back next year!  I love how much my family enjoys being here.


What did you do to celebrate Father’s Day?

This post was prompted by Mama Kat’s World’s Greatest Writing Workshop.  The prompt was to tell what your family did to celebrate Father’s Day.


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  1. I am so glad the weather cooperated and helped make Father’s Day special. How great is it that you ended up at a spot where you could feel your own dad’s presence that day?!

  2. That plunge DOES look miserable, what a good sport you are! I love reading the road trip updates. Looks like a fantastic time and Father’s Day!

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