Love, Excitement & Gratitude

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post about stuff I’m excited about or all things in my life for which I grateful. I’ve been in a funk and have a wicked head cold, so I thought this would be a good time to do so. And I’m hoping that it’ll cheer me up.


These books:

24875387[1]Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams: This book is the third in the author’s Schuyler sisters’ trilogy. This novel focuses on Pepper, who’s pregnant with the baby of her married lover (who sounds a lot like Robert Kennedy). Although Pepper is as interesting and funny as ever, Annabelle Dommerich is the character who really intrigued me. Anabelle’s story unfolds during pre-World War II Europe. Annabelle falls in love with a German Jew, but ends up married to a Nazi general. What? The story is astonishing, heartbreaking, and riveting. When Pepper meets her in 1966, Annabelle is a widow, but the reader doesn’t know which man she’s mourning.

IMG_20151107_171516435 (3)

The Science of Parenthood by Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler. Last week I attended a book signing that Leslie Marinelli hosted for one of the authors of this book. I had a really good time and Norine is delightful. I also got to meet some bloggers who live in the area and that’s always good. This book offers “thoroughly unscientific explanations for utterly baffling parenting situations.” I’m really enjoying it. It’s an easy read and I should be done, but my daughter keeps stealing it so she can read it. It’s that funny!


MOTHERINGTHRUDARK (2)Mothering Through the Darkness – but you already knew that!



This Dance:

Aud and I love to watch Dancing with the Stars together and I smiled through-out this number. Start at 2:30.


This speech:

I love Reece Witherspoon. Walk The Line and Sweet Home Alabama are two of my all-time favorite movies. And I love that she’s a book nerd. This year Reese was named Glamour’s Woman of the Year. The speech she gave is pretty damn great. I wish I could find a video of it, but you can read the text on


Excited for:

The holidays.   No explanation needed. And I love to watch Christmas movies with the kids. Check out ABC Family’s schedule for this season.


To see these movies:





Christmas with the Coopers


And yes, Star Wars. I didn’t see Episodes 1-3, but if Han Solo’s along for the ride, so am I.


The Nutcracker.

I’ll be seeing three Nutcrackers this year. Audrey is performing in two shows, as one of the party children. We also have our annual tradition of seeing the show together. My friend’s daughter was cast as Clara for in her dance company’s production (which is almost as impressive with the Atlanta ballet’s at The Fox Theater). Can’t wait to see Lily shine.

147 (6)

Audrey as the Mouse King, two years ago.

Adele’s new album.

But who isn’t, right?

cover170x170[1] (2)

Next summer’s road trip.

I’ve planned our route and made some reservations! Now I need to make some money…


I’m grateful for:

My family – always.


IMG_20151105_082218590 (3)

My friends – thank you again for the support.

IMG959307 (4)

The Sun. It’s finally shining in Georgia again. It’s been raining for three weeks, and fall’s splendor has been missed. Yesterday I was finally able to get my bulbs in the ground!


That cross country season is over. Probably shouldn’t admit that publically, but I am. The hours and the driving were getting to me, and I’m thrilled to have my Saturday’s back. Hunter worked his tail off and had a good season (personal best – 3 miles in 19:32) . I’m sure he’s ready for a rest.


What are you excited and grateful for? Share some of your loves with me!

20 thoughts on “Love, Excitement & Gratitude”

  1. I was smiling through this whole post and totally adding Along the Infinite Sea to my Goodreads now (so thank you)! And love that we also are both excited about Star Wars and both wrote about that today, as well. Have a great weekend now, Allie and feel better. Hugs 😉

    1. You’ll love Along the Infinite Sea. Did you read the first two? You don’t HAVE to, but they’re wonderful book: The Secret Life of Violet Grant and Tiny Little Things. And may the force be with you:)… Did I just type that? Ah, yes, yes I did.

  2. I have that issue of Glamour but I haven’t read it yet – I love Reese too. I also love that cross country is over, and we have a little break before winter sports.

    I am excited to hear from colleges, and grateful that all the applications are done!

    1. I bought the issue too, isn’t that funny. I hadn’t read an issue of Glamour in years (perhaps decades), but it good. ANd the speech is very powerful (but not in the magazine, it’s on their website). I was inspired.

  3. I love Reese. And that photo of Audrey. And that you got to meet Norine (I just IMd them last night asking if they want more help promoting it but don’t yet have a copy). And you. Hope you have an amazing weekend, mama!

    1. Thanks Kristi. When I saw that photo, it hurt my heart. She’s grown so much in two years. And I’ve been following the book tour on FB – she’s everywhere! Such fun. That’s what we need to be doing….

  4. Hi Allie. What a great list. I love these sorts of posts. I learn so much about the author and lots of good resources. Adele. I could listen to Hello all day. I hear ya about Cross-Country. But now basketball is starting. I’ve got 6 games to attend this weekend! I’m a big fan of holiday specials too. That’s quite a list!

    My favorite part of all, though, is that I just learned we both have a daughter named Audrey:)

    1. I’m so glad we don’t have any winter sports – although Audrey’s rehearsal schedule for the Nutcracker is a bit much. At least it’s dover December 12th. How old is your Audrey?

  5. I love the Reese Witherspoon speech! While I know she talked about much more important things, I love how she referenced a couple of her characters. So meta. I’m excited that Thanksgiving is right around the corner (the family time of the December holidays but without the pressure of gifts). And I’m excited to dig into Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions — I just started Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk.

    1. I know! Each year I swear we’re going to watch one every day (a special or movie), and then it gets hectic:(. But the kids are into it this year and promise to hold me to it. Fingers crossed.

  6. That’s amazing you’ve planned the next road trip already!

    Thanks for mentioning Beatriz Williams’ new book. I didn’t know much about it and it sounds really interesting.

  7. What is right? How does one wind up married to a Nazi general instead of a German Jew? I need to read.
    I’m so excited about both The Science of Parenthood and Mothering Through the Darkness, but you knew that.
    I don’t really know Adele very well! I did hear Hello, which seemed ok. I bet it will grow on me.

    1. And you have the excitement of you first Christmas in your new home! Rich has a rile about no Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but he was out of town this weekend. When the cat is away…

  8. There’s nothing I like more than coming across a post that mentions favorites. I confess to loving not having to do the work of finding good books, songs, or podcasts since someone already done it for me! :) Thank you for this list! Adele is queen in my book. Her latest song just speaks to me. I too loved the Reese Witherspoon speech!

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