RWM Update from the Road: Days 1-11

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So far, rain has been the star or our road trip adventure. It rained in Louisville, it rained in Columbus, it rained in Pittsburgh, it rained in Toledo, and it has rained every single day while we’ve been in Detroit. Every day. Although to be fair, we did get the gift of a sunny day when we drove to the west coast of Michigan. It was cold and rainy in Detroit, but after a three hour trip, we found ourselves on a sunny beach, with the temperature at a toasty 86 degrees. Unfortunately, it looks as if our warm respite will be an anomaly. I dared to look at, and the next few days heading west do not look promising. Ugh.

So far, other than the rain, our trip has been rather uneventful. The kids have been very good, there’s been hardly any fighting. And with the exception of one brief moment of public nakedness from Bear (in his defense, he didn’t not know there were guests in the house), I have no good stories to share. In fact, I hesitated in even writing this post, because it will probably lull you to sleep.

The other day Hunter told me that he didn’t feel like we were on a road trip. I know what he means. Ten days in, we haven’t been anywhere that we haven’t been before. Nothing new. And we’ve only stayed in one hotel (for one night), and it didn’t have a pool!

We’ve spent some good quality time with friends and family, and that’s been nice. I’m so grateful for their hospitality, but the road warriors are anxious to explore the roads untraveled. And we want to find some more sun! Here’s hoping…

Our first stop was Elizabethtown, KY, where R works and we have tons of family.

21 (1)

Aud and baby M.

21 (2)

Roasting marshmallows with Mike.

21 (4)

Next, we headed to Columbus to see my friend Kristen (also Hunter’s Godmother) and her daughter Madison. We’ve been to Columbus multiple times, so it was just a Kristen and Maddy love stop.

21 (3)

 On to Pittsburgh next, to see the Brown Family. Patty and I go back to my Fort Lauderdale days. We now have seven children between us and instead of hanging at the bars, we chill at amusement parks, which is fun. Unless it rains – which it did.

21 (6)

The gang outside of Kennywood, before the rain.

21 (7)

Cammy – an unhappy rider on the Jack Rabbit rollercoaster.

21 (5)

 Then we drove to Lambertville (a suburb of Toledo) to stay with our cousins. We had a great visit. And when it wasn’t raining, the kids had fun at the pool (but it was cold!).

21 (8)

Aud with her cousins Susannah & Elizabeth.

21 (9)

Play volleyball in the backyard.

21 (10)

Cousin Jeffy

21 (11)

21 (12)

21 (13)Aud & Elizabeth

Then we headed north to see Aunt Kelly and her family. We had big plans that included a couple museums, a Tigers Game and boating. But alas, you know the drill, Mother Nature laughed at us. The kids did make it to the baseball game, but I had to stay behind because Barrett was having issues. And there was no boat ride, but there was a lot of Dance Moms, which was absolute torture.

21 (14)

Hunter, Kelly & Aud at the Tigers game.

21 (15)

21 (16)

Cammy walking Soldier.

21 (17)

At the Henry Ford Museum.

21 (18)

21 (19)

The Rosa Parks bus.

21 (20)

The chair in which President Lincoln was shot.

21 (21)

George Washington’s Revolutionary War bed.

21 (22)

21 (23)

21 (24)

Kelly and I managed to have a GNO!

Kelly decided we needed an adventure and surprised us with a mini-road trip to St. Joseph, which is on the west coast of Michigan. Very cool little beach town – I bet you didn’t know there were beach towns in Michigan. Well, there are.








For our last night in Detroit, we had big family dinner!

We are headed west now, hoping we’ll have exciting adventures to share!

20 thoughts on “RWM Update from the Road: Days 1-11”

  1. I’m laughing that the photo of the chair Lincoln was assassinated in is next to the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile. Enjoy the trip out west. Seems like you are all having a wonderful time.

  2. Well what’s a road trip without a little public nakedness, I say!
    Cammy is just so cute -even when not thrilled. And Audrey is such a beauty like her mom.

  3. I’m surprised Lincoln’s chair isn’t in DC – we saw the suit he was wearing at Ford’s Theater’s museum.

    Safe travels and keep the photos coming!

    1. I know, it’s so weird, right? We’ve been to the Ford’s theater too – and his Presidential Library on Springfield – you’d think it would be in one of those.

    1. I really loved meeting you, too! Just so bummed that we were rushed and distracted. My next update will include our meeting. BTW – I really liked Fargo! Who knew?

  4. It’s rained every day here, too. Yesterday, it was nasty – hail, really strong winds… ugh. I love the photos and it looks like you’re having fun even though you haven’t been anywhere new yet. I’m jealous that you got to meet Mimi and Nina! Such fun!!! xxoo

    1. I feel so out of touch – so it’s raining in the east too? I mean it’s June , what’s going on? Mimi and Nina are delightful! I never would have had the guts to reach out to them, if our meeting hadn’t gone so well! You were my first:). Teehee…

  5. Looks like your road trip 2015 is off to a fun start, despite the rain! I’ll say it again, so wonderful that you are able to transport your family to so many warm and wonderful places and people! You’re creating some great memories both for your family and the folks you’re visiting! Best of luck as you continue your travels!

  6. Hi Allie. That is so bad about the rain. I’m writing this on Rich’s birthday. I’m so glad he is now with the rest of the family. Cammie is too cute for words! Can’t wait to see everyone in a few weeks in sunny/hot FL.

    Uncle Mark

  7. Well even though you’ve only been to one hotel looks like a blast! Family trips are the best! Hope you are doing well and have hit some sunshine!

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