Spring Break 2014


For years, we stayed home for spring break. The kids were young, and the mass exodus from the metro area made Atlanta a more pleasant place to be, because of the slower pace. Travel times within the city were cut by more than half and we could eat in any restaurant we chose, without a wait. Having lived in the state of Florida for almost twenty years, I knew that the beaches were dreadfully crowded during spring break. I had no interest in participating.

Then the kids got older, and I did feel the desire to follow the crowd and relax on a warm beach (especially after a cold winter). For the last couple years, we’ve journeyed to the sunshine state and our trips also doubled as a reunion with friends and family. This year we did something different, we headed north. I know – crazy.

We spent a great deal of time in Michigan last summer, to be close to my sister in-law Kelly (our family had a number of personal losses last year). We wanted to see all of our Michigan family and a plan was formed. But then the brutal winter unfolded! Honestly, I kept asking myself – why are we going to Michigan? In the end, love for family won out over my deep desire for warmth.

We took the long way to Toledo (my cousins live in Lambertville, MI – a suburb of Toledo), through Lexington, so we could pick up Dad, who was joining us for the weekend. We had a Smith-Cochran reunion for two days and it was lots of fun. On our last night, Kelly drove down from Detroit to see everyone.


This is how coffee is served at Chez Cochran!


Kelly & I


Kelly, Cammy, Jan, Me & Audrey

The following day, the six of us followed her to the suburbs of Detroit – Commerce Township.

When we got to Detroit, we discovered that there was still snow on the ground.


Cammy’s comment: “Mom, the ground changed its clothes!” On our first night, the adults went out for a fabulous dinner at A Matter of Taste – one of my favorite restaurants! If you’re ever in the area, you must eat there (especially in the summer – the view of the lake is fantastic)!


A view of the FROZEN lake!


Best salad ever!

In addition to the delightful dining, we had some laughs. Kelly and my husband had a battle over the check that resulted with my sweet sister leaping across the body of a stranger, to grab our credit card from the gentlemen at the next table. He’d witnessed our arguing with the server over who should pay, and I guess he favored my argument. He took my card, so he could give it to the server. Kelly wasn’t having it. If you know my Kelly, you understand how shocking this was. Once again, she was sporting her big girl pants.


The dinner excitement was followed by a dip in the hot tub (which was my #idareallie of the day). It was freaking 20 degrees out! When in Michigan…



My husband had to fly out for work early Monday morning, but the kids and I hung out for a few days. The rest of the visit was filled with more reunions, a day trip to Ann Arbor, good food, laughter and an epic argument between me and my nine year-old daughter, over who sings a better version of “Let It Go.” I say Idina Menzel, and she claims Demi Lovato (and she’s also under the delusion that Ms. Lovato wrote the song).

Some snap shots:


The kids at the Ann Arbor Children’s Museum (which was lame).


Not a UM fan – but wanted to see the Big House, anyway.


Downtown Ann Arbor


Cammy playing with his cousin Violet.


The sun actually came out!

1926811_10203680297913068_540814699_n[1] (2)

 Sunday night family dinner.

I decided to take it easy on the kids and not do the full 11 hour drive home in one day. We (I) planned a stop in Lexington, with a detour to Frankfort, KY.


I have to tell you a little secret, Frankfort is a very cool little town. Quaint, clean and friendly. As we were taking pictures of Kentucky’s original capitol building, I noticed a bookstore. Of course, I could not resist. It was one of the coolest stores I’ve ever explored! Poor Richard’s Books had two floors – new books on the bottom, used books in the attic. After the bookstore detour, we toured the capitol, which was stunning, and the grounds of the Governor’s mansion. Honestly, I wish we’d planned to stay the night, so we could explore some more, but we had reservations in Lexington.


The original Kentucky State Capitol Building.


Who could see this bookstore and not go in?!?!


Don’t you love it!?




The present day Capitol Building.


Audrey and Mr. Lincoln


Yeah, Georgia’s capitol building looks nothing like this.


The Kentucky Supreme Court’s Law Library – as you can imagine, the children were about as thrilled as you must be by this.


 Kentucky Governor’s Mansion

We didn’t do much in Lexington – we were tired and it was raining. We slept in on our final day, and then headed home. We had a wedding to get ready for (details coming, I swear!).

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The Prompt:

1.) Let’s reminisce about the last trip you took…pictures please!


How was your spring break? What did you do? Have you ever been to Frankfort, KY? Tell me about a place you “stumbled” upon that completed charmed you. Who do you think sings a better version of “Let It Go?”

16 thoughts on “Spring Break 2014”

  1. I’ve never been to Frankfurt, but my nephew was living in Indiana, just over the river from Louisville. We stopped at the Slugger factory on the way home, which was pretty cool!

    1. Thanks for the tip Sam. I’ve been to Louisville a couple of times and I think the Slugger factory would be fun. I’m taking the kids to the Baseball Hall of Fame this summer.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time even in the snow and cold! Frankfort looks like a really neat place to visit from a historical standpoint.

    1. Honestly, in the summer it is fabulous! We went to Mackinac Island last summer – amazing. It reminded me of Nantucket, but with a friendlier Midwestern feel to it. We’re going to explore the west coast of the state this summer (supposedly has nice beaches) and the upper peninsula.

  3. I love your ability to tell a story through pictures. And I LOVE your website. We have a lot in common. I was a communications major and did my internship at a television station to gain experience, but with no hopes of being on TV. I have a major fear speaking in front of people but can lay it all on the line through words. Fun linking up with you! Thanks for the Twitter follow. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Leigh! I love your site, too. I wish I’d know about it on my Clean Eating Challenge! I printed out you roasted vegie recipe. Look forward to getting to know you better.

  4. Sometimes the best Spring Break trips are just to visit family! I can do without the crowds, really. The snow looks pretty to me, since in my part of Georgia we might see a dusting once every 3 years…but I can imagine I wouldn’t like the cold or having to get around in it 😉

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