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If you use your dad as a reference, it’s best to tell him!



Once upon a time there was a girl who had earned her Master’s in accounting and passed the CPA exam.  Her family and friends were so proud and they were certain that her future was bright.  The girl (me) wasn’t so confident.  You see, I didn’t particularly like accounting and was in no rush to start my career.  So, I waited tables at a waterside restaurant.  I wore a short shirt, hopped on and off yachts with a tray full of cocktails and made a ridiculous amount of money, considering I was just serving food and drinks.  Especially ironic since twenty years later I earn nothing for doing the same thing! Continue reading If you use your dad as a reference, it’s best to tell him!

Nuggets of Wisdom from an Unconventional Dad

dadboat I was blessed with an unconventional father, although I must admit the blessing sometimes felt like a curse. He was a nice guy and people loved him because he was always fun to be around. But when I was younger, I longed for more of a Ward Cleaver-type father. My dad owned a restaurant, worked nights, smoked, gambled and drank too much. Life was one big party and he always made things interesting. I certainly learned a lot from him about what not to do. He wasn’t big on doling out advice (mostly because he knew I’d probably do the opposite of what he suggested), but I did gather several useful nuggets along the way. Continue reading Nuggets of Wisdom from an Unconventional Dad

FTSF: Dear Dad…



Lessons I Learned From My Unconventional Dad

I’m in the middle of our annual family road trio and we’ve been very busy.  I’ve been blogging about it daily at Road Warrior Momma and trying to keep up with this blog.  This is the first summer I’ve been a “full-time blogger” and it’s tough to stay plugged in and write when you’re on the road with four kids.  I’m cheating a bit with this post, because it was published earlier this week on the Huff Post Parents and I’m going to use it here, too.  It’s the first blog I’ve ever written about my dad. Continue reading FTSF: Dear Dad…