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Halloween Over the Years

I don’t have ONE particular Halloween that sticks out.  As a kid we had fun trick-or-treating, but I don’t remember it being the “event” that it is today.  And my parents certainly never thought the holiday was a big deal.  I have precious few photographs of me on Halloween from when I was a child.

High school – I have not one Halloween memory. In college, it was an excuse to get drunk cheap.  As for my early twenties, I got nothing.  When I was waiting tables in graduate school, it was a very profitable evening.  When I entered the corporate world, I got my ass home early so I didn’t get stuck in nightmare traffic

Then I had children…


 Halloween 2001

It was exciting to live in our first home and give out candy. My little guys were not quite one, so we didn’t take them out – but they did wear little pumpkin onesies. Continue reading Halloween Over the Years

Halloween 2013 – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Halloween 2013


Halloween was never a favorite holiday of mine.  I don’t remember it being a big deal for me as a child, nor can I come up with more than a few homemade costumes that I dressed up in: queen, cowgirl, and possibly a witch.  When we moved to Florida, it really went downhill, because costume choices were limited when the weather was still in the 70’s.  Besides, no self-respecting teenager would ever be caught dead trick-or-treating!   In college Halloween was a good excuse to drink and go to parties.  In my early 20’s, when I was waiting tables in grad school, I worked on Halloween night because it was always a lucrative night.  Once I entered the professional world, I’d usually opt to stay late, rather than deal with the insane traffic of parents rushing home.  It was only when I had my own children that I started to get it.  Thanks to my kids and their excitement, I now look forward to Halloween.

041 (2)

This year was bittersweet, because our seventh grader decided he was done with trick-or-treating.  Between (all of) you and me, I don’t think he wanted to stop, but was probably succumbing to peer pressure.  Middle school crap.  He volunteered to stay home and watch Barrett – and Rich and I jumped on that.  Traditionally, trick-or-treating with Barrett has been a challenge.  Often he’d just walk past a homeowner, into their house – to explore their pantry, use the facilities or check out what they were watching on TV.  Talk about mortifying!  Eventually it became part of the tradition and Barrett moments made everything a little more interesting.  Now an era was ending. Continue reading Halloween 2013 – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly