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It’s that time of year again.  YayI love awards show season.  The Golden Globes are my favorite, because they blends movies and television and champagne.  Fun!  Once again this year the delightfully funny Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are cohosting.  Without further ado, her are my picks for the winners:


Disclaimer – I think I’ve only seen 5 five movies in the theaters this year, all of them with my kids.  So my guesses are based purely on critics’ awards that have already been given, and the buzz from entertainment websites.  As for the television categories, I’m more confident in my choices.

Best Motion Picture – Drama


I think it’ll be Gravity over 12 Years a Slave.   Although lauded by the critics, I don’t know anyone who has seen 12 Years.  The opposite is true for Gravity and I’ve only heard raves.

This was the last award of the night and I was wrong, again.  I got my best movie and best director opinion backwards:(.  ANd Steve McQueen is a Brit!

Best Actress  – Drama

Sandra Bullock

But don’t be surprised if either Emma Thompson or Cate Blanchet wins.  If there’s a foreign actor in a category, the Hollywood Foreign Press (HFP) almost always picks them!

I lost, but by this point in the show, I wasn’t surprised. 

Best Actor – Drama

Mathew McConaughey

Even though I was feeling the Robert Redford love, I’m glad Matty won.  What a fantastic speech!

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

American Hustle

I am dying to see this!  Woohoo!

Best Actress – Comedy

Amy Adams

I hear she is phenomenal in American Hustle.  Meryl Streep has won 13 Golden Globes – it’s time for Adams, who is 0-4 at the Globes, to win!

She was too cute up on the stage.  Very classy speech.

Best Actor – Comedy

Christian Bale

He’s English, and Leo’s movie is getting some F-bomb backlash.

I was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence – duh!

Best Supporting Actor

Bradley Cooper

I know I’m taking a chance on this one, because Jared Leto is getting a lot of buzz.  But I think the fact that he’s snubbed Hollywood for almost a decade might hurt him, because the HFP may not even know who he is.

Off on my “instinct” once again.  And how gross was his speech?

Best Director

Steve McQueen

I’m not qualified at all to comment on this, but I think they will give it to 12 Years, since they may not win any acting awards.

See Best Movie Drama comment.

Best TV Series – Drama

Breaking Bad

It KILLS me to type those two words, because with all my heart, I believe that The Good Wife is the best drama on TV.  But since this year was Breaking’s last season and all the buzz surrounding the show, I think it’s going to win.

I was right, but not happy about it!

Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama

Julianna Margulies

Although Kerry Washington is always a major contender.

Wow – the Robin Wright was a big surprise!  Too bad she couldn’t get spousal revenge and forget to mention Sean Penn.  Classy speech, too.

Best Actor in a TV Series – Drama

Bryan Cranston

Best TV Series – Comedy or Musical

Parks and Recreation

Although, Girls could upset!

Everybody guessed wrong on this one!

Best Actress in a TV Series – Comedy

Julia Luis Dreyfus

Although the HFP may decide to give it to their host, Amy Poehler.

Guessed wrong – but notice my comment from yesterday:).  Glad Amy won, but still marking this as a loss.

Best Actor in a TV Series – Comedy

Andy Samberg

I don’t watch any of these shows, but the HFP often picks one winner who has people talking and I think this category is it.  Remember Matt Leblanc’s out-of-nowhere win two years ago?  And then last year, it was Don Cheadle.

Nicely played, Allison. 

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series

Aaron Paul

I don’t remember who won this, but it wasn’t Aaron Paul, another bad pick for me.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series

Janet McTeer

I’m going with the Brit, again, even though all the TV sites are picking Sophia Vergara.  She’ll probably win, but I can’t pick her because I think she’s the one weak link in the superb Modern Family Cast.  Monica Potter should win.  I feel the need to repeat myself, Monica Potter should win.  Her portrayal of Christina on Parenthood last season, fighting breast cancer, was heartbreaking – and inspiring.

Monica Potter was robbed!  Off on which foreigner I said would win, but foreigner she is.

Best TV Movie or Mini-series

Top of the Lake

The only one I thought was a sure bet – not.

Best Actress in a Mini-series

Helen Mirren

One of two English actresses in this category, I don’t think the HFP will be able to stop themselves.  Although I’m probably wrong because every single site picked Elisabeth Moss.

I was wrong – Elisabeth Moss won.  Think I may have a hang-up on the foreigner thing – yes?

Best Actor in a Mini-series

Michael Douglas


As is tradition, I will have my phone beside me as I watch, so we can text about the dresses and who’s schmoozing who!  My girl’s know who I’m talking to.  Have fun watching the show and check back tomorrow to see how we did.  Also, you can print out a Golden Globes ballot here.

Do you like awards shows?  Are you going to watch the Golden Globe’s?  Who are your favorites?  Who do you think WILL win?  Please share your guesses with me, as well as feedback about mine.  I’m curious to read the opinions of others!

11 thoughts on “The Golden Globes”

  1. What about the Oprah thing? And no mention here at all of The Butler. Why do you thing the Golden Globes snubbed her? I liked her in it. I totally forgot she was “talk show Oprah” and saw her as “Oprah the actress doing a really good job.” I never forget she’s “Oprah”. I just can’t get my head wrapped around why she wasn’t nominated. Not saying she should have won. (I like you haven’t seen enough of these to know.) I just think it’s weird she wasn’t on the ballot.

    1. I know, that was weird. Maybe she didn’t “court” the HFP enough, because wasn’t there some kind of – brouhaha this summer, when she was in Europe for The Butler publicity tour? I think some German reporter and her got in a fight. It’s all political. Also – look at the dramatic actress nominees – Sandra Bullock is the only American nominated in that category. Oprah did get the Sag Nomination and she still has a chance at an Oscar nod.

  2. Isn’t the Globes supposed to be a predictor of the Oscars? Or is that the Sags? IDK, just glad we don’t have to choose between watching the Globes and the Pats. We’ll see. I loved that movie. Wish it got my recognition.

    1. I didn’t see it – as it was out over the summer and it was to crazy. But I’m dying to see it. I know that Oprah and Forest Whitaker got raves, but I believe there were rumblings about the portrayals of the various presidents – which could hurt the movie’s chance. The GG does influence the Oscar race, because the Academy nominations aren’t in yet. But the Sags are voted on by actors, who are part of the Academy. Both count! Sag Award nominations were announced early this year, too, which helps! But you may be right about the talk show host thing hurting her – some actor’s might feel a little resentful.

  3. I love award show season too, and the Amy & Tina show always makes me smile. As I watch the show I’m half surprised at some of the choices for award winners, and others, I agree, are in the “duh” category… (Couldn’t agree more about Monica Potter btw – amazing this year!)
    As I write this I just listened to RD jr’s intros for best actress… if they could all be as eloquent & witty as he!!

    1. How funny was that joke about George Clooney – even better was how many of his peers were laughing! I love RDJ and I thought speeches by Leo and MM were awesome. Too many people were “shocked” and baffled” as if they hadn’t rehearsed their acceptance speeches since they were 7, reciting them to the bathroom mirror!

    1. I agree. It kills me that more people don’t watch this wonderful show. Last I heard, the ratings on Thursday night weren’t so good. I always get nervous that it won’t be renewed.

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